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The Motherland collection is versatile and inspirational way of wearing your culture on your sleeve. Enhance your daily style with patchwork prints, two piece sets and everything you need to represent the spirit and tradition of the motherland.


M. Jewel

Our M. Jewell collection comes in a variety of flirtatious yet elegant prints and styles.  This collection is noticeably specially handcrafted for classy, curvaceous women.  M. Jewell body contouring attire is perfect for showing your feminine curves and culture. Dramatic, Bold, Shapely... Don't just make an entrance, "Make a STATEMENT"

#1 Fan

Black Queens and Kings need to be uplifted by world. Applaud them with your undying love and support by wearing t-shirts from our #1 Fan Collection. 

Mis Wright - FB_IMG_1613752608768.jpg
Mis Wright - FB_IMG_1613752619481.jpg
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